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Fancy Straws only provide high quality earth friendly biodegradable paper drinking straws. With a wide range of colours and designs our straws will add those finishing touches to help make your entertaining special and memorable whether a birthday party, anniversary or wedding and for those in business your bar, restaurant or hotel. 

Fancy Straws was started in 2013 with the purpose of promoting a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws. Being keen participants of the "greener" sea sports (sailing, wind surfing and paddle boarding) we see first hand the the problems single use plastics are causing to our shores and oceans. Although our biodegradable paper drinking straws also provide many other benefits over plastic, the biggest barrier for many companies and individuals switching to paper straws is the increased price this is due to the higher material and the manufacturing costs of producing paper straws compared to plastic. Of course we are now learning the true costs of one use plastic is to the environment and particularly our oceans and marine life. 

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