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BeeBee Wrap your cheese, sandwiches, bread, fruit, veggies...and so much more to keep food fresher than plastic ever could. Plastic suffocates, BeeBee Wraps are #BeautifullyBreathable.

Your BeeBee Wrap is a 100% organic cotton food wrap infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. We make the secret formula so it has the perfect amount of grip for wrapping your food keeping it breathable and super fresh.

Using warm hands shape your BeeBee Wrap around containers and food keeping it fresh. Once in the fridge your BeeBee Wrap will harden further. Clean your BeeBee Wrap in cold and if needed a mild soap. Hang up to dry and you’re good to go again. Avoid hot water, dishwashers, ovens or microwaves and with love your BeeBee Wrap will last around a year.

The best part for the planet is that when you’re finished with your BeeBee Wrap you can compost it to return to the earth, or even quicker and much more fun use as a firelighter to get your BBQ, campfire or hearth going. They’re super good at that!

BeeBee Wraps are made by hand in Cambridge, UK by Team BeeBee.


Our Story

BeeBee Wraps has a real grassroots, kitchen-table story. Little did Kath, our founder, know when she made the first BeeBee Wraps that it would turn into a real solution for thousands of customers who have been able to ditch cling film forever.

Back in 2013 Kath got mad at plastic. Plastic was everywhere and so much of it in the kitchen. So a little Googling later she found that we used waxed paper and cotton before plastic came along. And so it began, a quick online purchase of beeswax, tearing up cotton bedsheets and Kath was experimenting. Today BeeBee Wraps is Kath’s and 11 other people’s job!

We promise to only ever use a sustainable fabric, right now that’s GOTS Certified Organic Cotton which ensures it is pesticide, GMO, man-made fertiliser free and the cotton mill employees have a safe and fair working environment. Plus we use local beeswax from the surrounding beekeeping community ensuring our bees have a higher standard of welfare.

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