About Us

At EcoEarthStore (EES) we pride ourselves on being a socially conscious enterprise. It is important to us to provide to our customers with the most ethical and environmentally responsible products on the market. By shopping with us you can be sure you are making the best choice for the environment. With many of our products being reusable, they are cost effective, therefore customers end up saving money in the long run. 

The brands we work with are carefully selected via a rigorous testing process. Alongside our testing process, it is essential that products are zero plastic and they must have a social enterprise attached with evident core business values. We measure the purpose beyond the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit. We include a fourth “P” which is purpose. EcoEarthStore selects brands that seek to make meaningful, significant change in the communities in which they operate — whether local or global. The purchase of a specific product from our store will directly contribute to a humanitarian or environmental issue. For example, Toilet rolls that build toilets in less developed countries, coffee cups that plant a tree with every purchase. Beeswax wraps that support women in Malawi. 

On top of this EES gives 50% of profits to eco-projects worldwide, whether it is cleaning oceans or planting trees, customers of EES will find their shopping trolley comes with an ethical impact. EES directly improves planet earth, rather than exploits it.  

We empower you, the consumer, to make a direct impact on the world you live in by offering simple ‘one stop shop and swap’ solutions.

How does it work?

For Business:

Eco Earth Store guide and implement small-medium businesses on improving their environmental footprint. We can supply your business with everything it needs to run smoothly at no extra cost. Our service is able to reduce (often eliminate) plastics, from everyday client-facing items such as carrier bags, coffee cups and cutlery to behind-the-scenes single use items such as bin bags, dishwasher/laundry and food preservation. As a company we are also able to reduce deforestation rates by implementing our palm-oil free initiative. 

Businesses we work with: 

Cafes and delicatessens
Events and Hospitality
Hairdressers and Barbers
Offices and Client-facing
Pop-up food stalls
Restaurants and Bar

All of this is a FREE service! We can fully supply your small-medium business with everything it needs, plastic and palm oil free. Which means, when an eco-minded company such as yourselves chooses to work with us we are able to tell all of our friends about you and your business, creating a movement to be a part of. We have a vast network of eco-conscious followers dedicated to the same mission as us. This gives us a wide reach to truly make an impact.

At the end of each year your company will receive an Annual Sustainability Report (ASR) detailing the eco-projects your company has donated to, simply by using us. We will plant trees, build schools, clean beaches and more… in your company name, and there is no catch.

Hang the ASR on your wall with pride. 

For Home:

EcoEarthStore provides a platform for eco-conscious makers of all things beautiful and practical. We bring you some of the UK’s eco-entrepreneurs as well as some of the leading eco-minded businesses in the country. Together we can improve your personal eco-conscious journey and donate in your name…

When you shop with EcoEarthStore you can do so with pride. We aim to impact the lives of people all over the world, improving health, environment and permaculture. 

‘Clean the Oceans, Grow the Rainforests.’

Luke Morris & Luissa Burton