Eco Earth Store is the UK's first online marketplace for plastic and palm-oil free products. We specialise in bringing new sellers and suppliers of environementally friendly products for both business and households to the UK market. Eco Earth Store is part of the Eco Earth brand which includes Eco Earth Builds, Eco Earth Gardens and Eco Earth Hostel

Eco Earth Builds is a construction company that uses natural materials to create beautiful and unusual buildings and Pizza Ovens. Established in 2015 by an Ecology graduate, Eco Earth Builds aims to reduce the ecological footprint of construction by using locally sourced materials and eco-friendly alternatives to modern building materials. This is made possible by fusing the ancient building material 'Cob' with modern day needs and designs.

Our sister company, Eco Earth Gardens are a garden maintenance and development service. Our services cover anything from grass cutting and weeding to tree surgeory, patio cleaning and fence painting... We pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of services tailored to our customers needs. We have many customers in the Oxfordshire area. Our aim is to provide a quality service with a personal touch.

Eco Earth Hostel is our latest project, seeking to create eco-friendly travelling experiences that enhance the environment.