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Home SPA - Organic Birch Leaf & Bud Extract for Baths (100 ml)

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For oily skin and hair care.

INGREDIENTS: Betula Alba leaf extract (organic), Betula Alba bud extract (organic).

Manufactured by M. Vyskupaicio UAB 'META', Lithuania


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Composition:  water, organic birch leaf and bud extracts.

Aqueous extract of birch leaves and buds is a natural antiseptic for daily skin and hair care.  It contains saponines - plant based foaming glycosidic substances - which soothe, clean and stimulate irritated skin, reduces the tendency to oilyness.  In the case of a sensitive scalp, we recommend using the extract instead of shampoo.  Birch Leaf-Bud Extract is a great home SPA tool to test the benefits of scent therapy in your home.

Directions for use:

  • Skin cleansing and softening baths:  Dilute 50 ml of the natural birch leaf and bud extract in 100 litres of warm water (37-40*C) and bathe for 15-20 minutes.  After the bath rinse your body with warm water without using soap and dry it with a towel.  The extract is readily soluble in water and it won't clog the nozzles of your jacuzzi.  It is easy to clean the bath with natural cleaning products after use.
  • Tubs for soothing hands and feet irritations:  Dilute 10 ml of the extract in 20 litres of warm water (37-40*C).  Soak your hands or feet for 15-20 minutes.  Rinse with water afterwards.
  • For hair wash:  Apply a small amount of the extract on your hair and scalp.  Gently massage to distribute the extract on the entire scalp and hair.  Rinse with warm water without shampoo as the extract contains saponines, which replace shampoo and they will reduce greasiness of hair and will improve hair elasticity.  For coarse hair, add some lemon juice to your rinsing water.

This product is designed for everyday use.  Shake well before use!  Store in the original packaging with a lid on.

Warning:  Natural birch leaf and bud extract contains dyes of plant origin which can darken blond hair temporarily.  

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