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TWO LARGE Beeswax Food Wraps

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BeeBee Wraps are reusable organic cotton and beeswax wraps made to wrap food instead of plastic! Lasting around a year they keep food fresher than ever with their breathable seal and, at the end of their life, can simply be composted or used as firelighters!


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A large BeeBee Wraps is perfect for wrapping everything because with a BeeBee Wrap you can overwrap regardless of size. Wrap your cheese block, cover a bowl, make a BeeBee Box, wrap burritos, save your cut fruit, unwrap cut herbs after over a week and so much more. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED? 2 Large Wraps (33cm x 33cm)

HOW TO USE Using warm hands shape your BeeBee Wrap around containers and food creating a breathable seal, yet keeping food fresh. Once in the fridge BeeBee Wraps harden further. Avoid heat and raw meat.

Clean your BeeBee Wrap in cold water and, if needed, a mild soap. Hang up to dry naturally. Every few months refresh and pasteurise your BeeBee Wrap in the oven. Place on a sheet of baking paper at 130°C for a maximum of one minute. Remove immediately, carefully hold aloft until dry, a matter of seconds. Love your BeeBee Wrap and it will last up to twelve months. Then simply throw on the compost!

BeeBee Wraps are flammable, burning slowly like candles, and so make perfect firelighters at the end of their life. Every BeeBee Wrap is handmade, in which case, may vary in size, colour and detail. Should you not be completely satisfied we offer a money back guarantee.

Choose 'Team BeeBee's choice' of design and you'll receive anything from the fabric we have in stock. These could be our core range or possibly even limited edition prints we have in smaller quantities not listed on our website. They might be all the same design or a mix of two or three.