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This Cup Plants One Tree. GoReusable Bamboo Eco Coffee Cup/Travel Mug (Black)

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Our environmentally friendly reusable bamboo coffee cups are perfect for your morning hot drink. The cups are made from a sustainable product and for every cup we sell, we plant a tree.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

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  • Minimum order = 10 units
  • YOUR COFFEE TASTES BETTER... with a GoReusable.Org bamboo coffee cup, knowing you have planted a tree. THIS CUP PLANTS A TREE | One Cup Purchased = One Tree Planted. The trees are planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, a truly reputable and transparent charity set up by the US government to plant trees.


  • JOIN THE CAMPAIGN: the must-have discreet panda icon at the back and bottom of each cup shows your support for the GoReusable.Org campaign helping to reduce the world's dependency on 500bn single-use cups and plant 10 million trees.


  • ECO FRIENDLY: They help stop using 500bn disposable cups a year worldwide and the bamboo they contain is also environmental being sustainably grown and rapidly renewable.


  • IDEAL: They feel and look great, are comfortable to hold, durable and the no-drip silicon lid is easy to drink from, BPA free, naturally sterile with no taste residue and the sleeve is reversible. They're made from food-grade materials, free from BPA and phthalates, and won't affect the taste of your drink. The cup is dishwasher safe as well and comes with a gift box explaining the purpose of the cup.
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