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Blend of Botanical Extracts for Hair Strengthening (100 ml)

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Promotes hair growth, increases their volume and elasticity and soothes skin, anti-dandruff.

INGREDIENTS:  Urtica Dioica extract (organic), Betula Alba leaf extract (organic), Betula Alba bud extract (organic), Melissa Officinalis oil, Limonene, Linalool.

Manufactured by M. Vyskupaicio UAB 'META', Lithuania


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Composition:  water, organic nettle, birch leaf and bud extracts, Melissa essential oil, Linalool, Limonene (in the composition of essential oil).

All bio-active substances of carefully selected natural and organic ingredients make hair stronger.  Bio-active substances of the nettle extract soothe irritated skin and help to prevent dandruff.  This extract also has tonic and sebostatic properties.

Plant base foaming glycosidic substances (saponins) of the natural birch leaf and bud extracts supplement the formula, which reduce unpleasant skin stretching and itching sensations and give the hair elasticity.

Melissa essential oil adds fresh and lemon-like aroma to the composition and enhances its soothing properties.

Directions for use:  Rub undiluted extract into clean and washed hair ensuring it is wet.  Massage for 5-10 minutes making sure entire scalp is coated.  Rinse well with warm water afterwards.  For coarse hair we recommend using warm water with the juice of a fresh lemon for rinsing.  This extract can be used daily if needed.

Shake well before use!  Store in the original packaging with a lid on.

Warning!  The extract has dyes of plant origin which can darken blond hair.  Some people can be sensitive to the ingredients listed.  Please read ingredients' list carefully.

Hair strengthening extract
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